Continuing the aged tradition of Progressive Trance excellence on Enhanced Recordings is none other than the high flying Bulgarian talent that is Nic Toms. This bright, upcoming star has been steadily honing his craft with an air of polished refinery which has finally paid off with his upcoming single. Toms isn’t widely known for his numerous releases, but his quality over quantity approach has ensured that each of his productions flood the airwaves with crisp, quality sound design and heartfelt, emotional melodies. His first breakthrough single was entitled Perfect Start, and its 2013 release was universally praised by industry leaders Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond, along with a slew of various 2013 remixes that also garnered artist support. His next release of Velvet was an even bigger success than Perfect Start, as it was played on Armin‘s A State Of Trance for 3 consecutive weeks; a rare and unusual event that only adds value to its healthy longevity. Now, Nic Toms returns with his brand new single of Enhanced Dynamics, whose brilliant Progressive Trance vibes, (and Electro flavored subtitles), transform into a burst of uninhibited euphoria.



Enhanced Dynamics starts off with an incredibly deep and brooding tone, complete with warping basslines, somber vocal timbres and additional Electro tinged effects to really bring together feelings of angst, sadness and even certain aspects of regretful loneliness. The sound design towards the beginning is definitively on point with the volatile mixture of timbres really shaking up the orthodox Prog Trance formula that many artists have grown accustomed to. The breakdown quietly pulls away from the frustration and sorrow and effortlessly flows towards a beautifully golden piano melody that shines a beacon of hope towards the madness of life. Supplemented by warm, reassuring chordal pads and a lone morse code beep, its lovely melody quickly expands into a rich and luscious melodic line that seems to envelop the mind in silky blankets of satin synth design. By pulling off of a classic Prog Trance buildup, it blissfully releases into a joyous celebration of life with pure, rosy chords and delicate piano, which all add up to an engaging, emotional ride of musical prowess that champions the magical wonder of heartfelt, soul binding Trance.

Nic Toms‘ single of Enhanced Dynamics is out now on Enhanced Progressive via Beatport, so make sure to nab this wonderfully angelic single today.


Keep the music alive. -Q