Kaskade‘s music is often described as powerful, life-changing, and emotional. The vocals in his tracks frequently denote underlying and relatable meanings that describe the human condition. As opposed to promoting crazy partying, Kaskade‘s music exhibits moments of hope, heartache, happiness, feelings, or just being alive.

Today the music video for his song with Project 46, “Last Chance”, was finally released. The video is haunting, beautiful and has the capacity to literally leave you breathless, if even for just a brief moment.

The symbol of water provides an interesting insight into the implied meaning of the song, as the female character slowly treads into the lone lake. As the song drops into “This is my one last chance to breathe”, she immerses her entire body into the depths of the lake while flashes of memories flood her mind. However, as soon as she is submerged, the lake seemingly sucks her in with its power, as she struggles in its currents not to drown. She flails and silently screams under the water as moments of love, or perhaps misguided love under the sheets and in a park flash on the screen. Soon the flashes turn into moments of loneliness at a party, a shadow strewn on the ground, and a moving train.

The flashes continue, feet in the ocean waves, a kiss in Christmas lights, standing alone on a cliff, birds flying in the sky, and other abstract images, as she steadily sinks to the bottom of the lake, drowning in the sunlight. As the song reaches a climax, her eyes open, and she slowly begins to tread her way to the surface once again, fighting to survive. The song comes to a daunting halt just as her head reaches the air for her one last chance to breathe.

Last Chance on its own is strong, powerful, and emotional. But placed together with this beautiful and flawless video, it is perfection.