So who exactly are Win & Woo you may ask, or rather, will be asking as soon as you hit that play button. Formerly known as D1rty No1ze, the duo has decided to take on a new sound to accompany the new name. But this isn’t just any old electronic sound, this is organic. With the goal being to incorporate as much live instrumentation into their productions as possible, listeners will notice guitar strings in this remix of One Republic’s “If I Lose Myself,” hence the original name of this track being “Strings.” But not only is it the use of a guitar that makes this such a standout piece, but their ability to produce such a unique sound, though a bit similar to that “Animals” pluck-sound, but still a sound of its own. Now, I’m definitely not one to promote progressive house, seeing as I’m 100% a basshead, but THIS, this is talent, and it is definitely time these guys get some well-deserved recognition.