It’s quite an interesting trend to follow when the people who enjoy certain artists or certain genres expect things to stay stagnant for their own enjoyment; almost as if we’ve ingrained a certain infallible expectation within said artists/genres. Too many times, I have seen people revolt against an artist who creates something apart from their usual fare and many attempt to explain that they ‘need to be thankful for the support they have given them’. But I don’t see it that way. Performers who are shackled to one specific sound almost defeats the entire purpose of an artist in the first place, as the sole purpose of a musician is to explore new avenues of sound direction to better fulfill the advancement of music as a whole. When too many artists feel pressure from their fan base to stick to one sound, the entire style devolves from innovative, exciting possibilities to a formulaic mess of conventional gridlock, (where it even threatens to destabilize the entire genre as a whole). Some examples include the rotting decline of Trance from 2006-2010 and the current affairs that are inflicting damage on Progressive House. While many artists eventually move to a sound that’s either: 1. Easier to make, 2. Acquires notoriety, or 3. Allows more monetary gain, there are only a small handful of musicians that reject that model and choose to craft music that makes them happy and allows them to smash the walls of unwritten rules that all creators must follow.

The reason I’m discussing this notion is because I happened to stumble across a great musician who has decided to take his own path in music, even if it means complete alienation from the diehard purists. Interestingly enough, Luxembourg’s own Francesco Tristano has everything going for him in his career, (at least in the traditional sense). Having graduated from the world renowned Julliard School in New York City, the Classical pianist has traveled around the world as a legendary soloist and orchestral player with organizations such as the National Russian Orchestra, The French National Orchestra of Lillie and the Philharmonie Luxembourg. With an impressive twelve albums under his belt, as well as winning fiercely competitive Piano competitions, many regard his talents as Classical Music’s next prodigal son. However, his core sense of creative freedom and fearless ingenuity has offered him a breakthrough of raw imagination and groundbreaking originality. He is ambivalent for conventional success from his peers and plays/composes styles that only interest him. While he is a Classical player at heart, he has also found another love with Techno, and has worked with world renowned producers such as Carl Craig, Project Versus and the Interzone Orchestra.



Many Classical snobs feel uncomfortable when they realize that one of the most promising piano talents in the world also dabbles with Techno, which, (to them), isn’t even considered academic music. But I see it as brilliant. He’s used his training as a foundation to incorporate revolutionary 21st century ideas that opens up new and wondrous possibility in music. Recently, he crafted a mix to Drumcell‘s single of Speak Silence, which was a heavily experimental Techno cut that almost sounded like a futuristic Penderecki work. Tristano has reworked this piece into a beautifully complex interpretation where a new genre of Techno two step is explored. It creates a haunting, yet captivating series of textures that provides an eerie sense of suspense and thrill that yearns for the next chord resolution, (which never comes). While the Techno part chugs along at a moderate speed, he opens his heart on a beautiful piano melody that drives the entire track towards a glowing paradise of harmonious tranquility. The sheer mixture of tantalizing timbres and colors that flit in and out of the soundspace are a playful delight to your ears while the constant, zen-like pressure of thick basskicks and piano melodies liberates the mind towards floating bliss.

To me, this is honestly one of my favorite pieces I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and the musical attitudes of Francesco Tristano is one that I hope to strive in my own career. And I hope you, the reader, get the same enjoyment out of it as I did. Francesco Tristano‘s remix of Drumcell‘s Speak Silence is out now on Beatport via CLR, so make sure you grab you copy today. Also make sure to check out the Original, as well as the remixes of Brian Sanhaji & Slumberman! Tune in next week with some peaceful Progressive to start you morning off right.


Keep the music alive. -Q






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