Named as the next breakthrough producer of 2012 by Dash Berlin, no one’s been more consistent with their music than Progressive maestro, LTN. The Jakarta/Australian native has always been one of the most hard working producers in the business with a vast, expansive discography that regularly receives a fresh dose of releases from a plethora of labels. Not content with sticking to one genre, his sound expands from crystal clear Progressive to euphoric Progressive Trance, with examples ranging from his singles of Blue Eyes and Moments Between Us to City Of Lights and his remix to Faruk Sabanci‘s single, Nevada. His consistent output has cut his teeth into an established and mature producer over the years, which has gained the hard earned respect of many artists such as Ruben De Ronde, Above & Beyond, Ronski Speed and Myon & Shane54. Along with his remix of EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg‘s single, Around The Sun; (and an incoming collaboration with the legendary Terry Da Libra), LTN still found the time to release a wonderfully gorgeous two track EP that presents a new single and a new collaboration in one package. Both of these tracks showcase LTN‘s unbelievable attention to detail and his innate ability to organically construct a fine woven tapestry of padded lyrical layers that glimmers with exceptional class and dazzling brilliance.



LTN & Roni Joni- In Between (Original Mix)



In the A Side of this release, LTN teams up with fellow Indonesian Prog artist, Roni Joni, to deliver an unusually tropical collaboration entitled In Between, which was also included in Arrival Recordings‘ first compilation, Arrival 01: Destination United Kingdom. It’s important to visualize the Pacific Ocean that separates Australia from Indonesia, because this piece serves as a clear, metaphorical bridge that connects them together through music. There are clear ocean vibes that permeate the entire piece, as one can imagine a beautifully tranquil morning with placid water and brisk sea air. Freely flowing arpeggios, luminous pads and a myriad of various vocal samples set the stage for a lovely piano to direct the piece’s trajectory, almost like it’s controlling the wheel of a ship with conviction and finesse. The smooth, overlaying textures are wonderfully placed with the utmost care and both artists have left ample room for each voice to carry out its melodies for a fuller and more invigorating experience. With the arrangement of sounds building in complexity, a single sound of an airplane taking off towards the ocean signals the release of multiple melodies that both tease and relax the ear towards a lull of total peace. The various colors seek to massage the brain with its experienced melodies and the delightful twinkle of adventure allows the listener to effortlessly relax themselves in a world of pure bliss.



LTN- Haven Place (Original Mix)



The B-Side of this release offers a deeper alternative to In Between, as Haven Place utilizes its simpler orchestration to bestow a more calming and traditional Progressive track that’s always been one of LTN‘s strongest abilities. This piece is meant to symbolize a complete getaway from modern civilization as the listener is transported to a secluded landscape that offers the powerful effects of nature to nurture and revitalize the soul without distraction. Interestingly enough, he has utilized more of a synthetic aesthetic than the other track, as each part is heavily steeped in wet parameters that extends towards its razor sharp timbre quality and rich, luxurious tone depth. We start at the breakdown, where the mixture between breathtaking vocal sounds and repeating female notes make way from the expansive moment of clarity that increases the depth of the soundspace with innocent plucks of harmonic synths and mellow basslines. A lone female singer heralds fluffy pads and wisps of hidden sounds as a simple basskick leads the way towards the impending release, (with simple, subtle vocal sighs adding a very nice touch on the orchestration).  Refined baselines drip onto the blank canvas as swaths of bright, exuberant colors are elegantly stroked with an air of creative brilliance. The resulting picture of pads, synths, piano and vocals paints a masterpiece of vibrant images that vividly shine within the Haven Place that he, (or you), call home.



Both In Between and Haven Place are now available on Beatport via Arrival Recordings, so make sure you purchase this charming double EP today.


Keep the music alive. -Q




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