When we heard Lookas and Dirty Audio were teaming up, we knew the track would be pure unadulterated twerking madness, but we didn’t know the it would naturally induce panty dropping like a Toronto strip club on Mayoral Appreciation Night.

This huge festival re-twerk is a creative remix of Punjabi MC‘s 1998 remix of “Mundian To Bach Ke (translated: Beware of the Boys).” The track was popularized in 2002 when Jay-Z jumped on the mic and provided english language vocals for the already catchy beat.

The Dirty Audio and Lookas version leaves a massive impression with intoxicating clicks and a crater sized second drop that sets a precedent for all aspiring festival trap producers.

This is a welcome tune for the budding of festival season which is just beginning to peak it’s head out of the ground. Get ready to hear this one all across the world as DJ’s look for bigger and bigger tracks to match the grand attendance of the growing festival scene.

Grab the free download of the “Beware of the Boys (Dirty Audio and Lookas Festival Re-Twerk)” below.