Dylan Orvell, aka Speaker of the House, has gained a reputation for having some of the best sound design out there. With beautiful layouts and incredible and original synthesis production, the only thing that impresses more is his ability to genre jump. With his roots in electro-house, it’s hard to believe that the same producer is also capable of the glitch-hop, trap, moombah, and dubstep production that SOTH has brought us in the past months.

His newest, “Sky Walker,” is an impressive addition to Dylan’s resume. A plethora of opposing synths and laser samples combine with delightful samples from ‘Star Wars’ to create a beautifully inspired electro-house tune. The drops remain light and airy in order to remain true-to-title, however the drop is just dirty enough to make any audience go nuts. Pick up the free download from his Facebook and check out the rest of his work on Soundcloud.