LAXX, one of the industry’s leading forces behind underground bass, has graciously released a free download off of his upcoming EP. The track, entitled “Step One,” has received playback from one of the biggest names in dubstep, Flux Pavilion, on his latest Freeway Tour. The track features the abnormal sounds and strange vibes we have come to expect from him, as well as a creepy laugh sample that sends tingles up the spine. The simplicity of his production combined with his unique musicality is what makes LAXX’s work so great.

Along with the free track download, LAXX has also released a free mix which features many of his originals. At just over an hour long, this mix is chock full of the harder underground dubstep we all know and love so much. If there is anyone capable of keeping the old-school dubstep scene alive, it is none other than LAXX himself. Be sure to grab the free track and mix here, and stay tuned for the release of his debut EP Monday on February 10th!