It’s been 10 years since Size Records released its first tune! Last spring marks an exciting time when Size Records first opened up shop releasing its first ever record as a small independent label. Well 10 years down the road, Size has blossomed into an iconic record label that hosts some of the game changers of EDM.

Steve Angello never takes what he has with Size Records for granted, following every anniversary, Steve and the Size family make their way down to Florida for a label showcase during Miami Music Week in celebration and promotion of both the artists signed to Size as well as the label itself.

Now being as it is the 10th anniversary of Size Records, the annual tradition of venturing down to Miami still holds its value as a spectacle in itself but Size is anticipated to really go above and beyond for this spectacular feat. To do so they have prepared a “#Decade” celebration during Miami Music Week debuting March 27th where Steve Angello will perform in memory of this milestone. We don’t know exactly what all is planned but what we do know is there is an incredible show to be expected based off the teaser video linked below featuring Steve Angello!


-Chris Wood-