One of last year’s biggest festival songs to sing along to was Don Diablo‘s and Matt Nash‘s “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)“. With catchy lyrics  by Noonie Bao and a remix treatment from Otto Knows, this track became one of Axtone’s biggest releases. Now the same record label that brought out this great track has now put out a touching music-video for one of the most popular collaboration of 2013.

Showing glimpses of moments of a couple’s life, the video displays the genuinely romantic moments between a young man and woman. As the song plays, they come to kiss each other and the camera switches to a wedding for the same couple (now much older). It continues to switch between these moments as well as their childhood and their old age. This video goes to show the story of how  a couple that raves together, end up staying together. If this sounds like the sappy love-story you need to see before Valentines Day comes up, check this music video on Youtube.