Yesterday, Santa Barbara based duo Candyland (Josie and Ethan) uploaded an after-movie of their adventures in Canada, and it’s awesome. “So we went to Canada…with a mini version of us lol. This is what happened.” The video fades in while they’re on the road “somewhere in french occupied Canada” along with “Lil Diva” rapping their situation away.

The video also features Krewella, and shows us some interactions between the two acts, which is a fresh breath of air, honestly. It’s nice to see artists acting ridiculous around each other, rather than sticking to the oh-so-boring formalities. The video pulls us into the lives of the awesome duo that is Candyland, and is a “day in the life” kind of thing. It’s funny, entertaining, and just plain awesome! Check it out, and be sure to share your thoughts down below.