Last year marked an interesting pivot point in Borgore’s career as he produced his hit track “Decisions” which featured the Disney star gone twerk team Miley Cyrus. With the release of “Decisions“, Borgore was pushed into the early stages of a pop icon within electronic music scene that set him up for future collaborations with big name pop artists. Now as “Decisions” hits its capping point and starts to rescind, Borgore pushes his next hopeful pop diva collaboration from his highly anticipated album.

Borgore’s ability to snag such a big name artist such as Miley Cyrus is an incredible feat in itself but that doesn’t stop him from trying it again. Borgore is confident and hopeful to have Selena Gomez sing on his newest tune titled “Fame” throughout the chorus. In fact, Borgore made a special announcement on Soundcloud stating:
Borgore's Comment On Soundcloud - Your EDM

Uploaded just a few days ago “Fame” takes a heavy turn in the direction of trap featuring an intense 808 kick, monster de-tuned bass and tight hi-hat and snare arrangements that lead up into what is quite an amazing uplifting trance infused chorus.

The most significant part of this track is that Borgore raps throughout. His voice is very monotone and is not the most appealing; but his message is quite strong, may be offensive to some, about a day in the life of Borgore.

Have a listen to Borgore’s newest release from his upcoming album that is linked below. Make sure to listen to the chorus, I am both shocked and impressed that Borgore incorporated such an awesome sounding trance pluck. I honestly didn’t know Borgore could produce anything that wasn’t trap or dubstep orientated.

Borgore – Fame:

 -Chris Wood-