Lightning in a Bottle is back, and heading to central California!

The popular music festival will take place May 22-26, 2014 at Monterey County’s Lake San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California. The venue change was announced following several issues with the event’s previous site at Lake Skinner Recreational Area in Temecula, most notably a strict noise ordinance in effect at midnight.

Lightning in a Bottle also fell victim to negative attention from the media after nearly 60 attendees were arrested in a series of undercover stings by the Special Investigations Bureau, a Riverside Country task force. Many of those charged with drug offenses at the festival are claiming undercover officers heavily coaxed them into offering drugs, even demonstrating entrapment at times.

But lightning (heat lightning, in this case) never strikes the same place twice.

Event organizers have worked with intent to find a more appropriate setting for west coast concert-goers. Despite last year’s issues, the 4th annual Lightning in a Bottle should be a prospect and early highlight in the upcoming festival season.

Tickets go on sale February 18! ►