After hosting seven years of unforgettable festivals, Camp Bisco will be leaving their home-rave escape at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville. MCP Presents, a Denver based company in charge of promotions for Camp Bisco, had not followed up with any officials regarding permits or approvals for this year’s festival at the Lookout Country Club.

Duanesburg town code enforcement officer, Dale Warner reported, “Typically, soon after the event, we would have a meeting where we would go over any problems and try to come up with solutions. That didn’t happen this year.” Moreover, MCP did not provide any post-event report, regarding ticket sales and attendees.

Indian Lookout Owner and former chairman of the Schenectady County Legislature, Frank Potter said that MCP did not reserve the venue for any upcoming dates in 2014. As he states, “There’s a good chance they won’t be back, at least not for this show.” Also, he emphasized why Camp Bisco may have said farewell to the Lookout Country Club, well at least for now, as there have been multiple lawsuits in the past. For example, the most recent case was in 2012 when a young woman who suffered brain damage due to a seizure and the lack of breathing.

Due to MCP’s absence of reporting, Potter also mentioned Daily Gazette’s recent report about MCP’s venue hunt, as they have received approval to hold an electronic music festival in the town of Saugerties in Ulster County.

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