You can obviously tell Dillon Francis is excited for the release of his debut album. That excitement became public in November when he announced via Facebook a release date of May, but now that date is being pushed back two months. Due to a presumably involved album strategy, July is the new mark. Dillon had this to say in his InTheMix interview:

My album isn’t going to come out in May because of the album strategy that we have, so now it’s been pushed back ’til July, which is kind of a bummer. It’s all like these weird semantics of labels that they have to have this release structure – which I understand now, but at the beginning I didn’t. I’m kind of bummed, but I get it.
Even though the Mad Decent album is being pushed back, that does not mean there isn’t music on the way. In the interview he also stated he has some new singles (and “Get Low“) that will be released prior to the LP. It’s safe to say this ties in with the whole strategy and I’m glad they are taking a careful approach. I know there’s different stuff coming, but the push this could give moombahton is much needed for the genre to hit the spotlight.

PS. Please tell me Dillon Francis and Taco Bell getting back together is a part of the strategy; the separation is breaking my heart 🙁

Source: InTheMix