When I am looking to have a good time Dillon Francis and DJ Snake are my go to guys. Their music is both catchy and original which solidifies them into the EDM game. Packing two different punches, Dillon approaches producing from a goofy upbeat standpoint whereas DJ Snake is an all out Trvpstvr adding monster 808 kicks and quite elegant snare and hi-hat rolls. Well the time is here for these two fellas to put something in the books together in regards to a collaboration. Destined at some point to collaborate if the two were to join forces you would definitely have to “Get Low“!

When I think about these two guys and their collaboration that just dropped today, I would never imagine these two different styles combining and having an outcome as awesome as it has turned out to be. Layering a signature upbeat squeaky detuned Dutchy lead synth, that to me sounds like a Middle Eastern instrument giving it an Arabian nights vibe, with DJ Snake’s monster kicks and crisp snare snaps, this dynamic duo makes a huge one for the dance floor that just pushes every nerve in your body to move!

Get Low” officially releases on February 11th and is exclusively streaming from Spotify!

Get Low – DJ Snake x Dillon Francis:

Get Low on Spotify:

 -Chris Wood-