About a month ago when we did our 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2014, the duo of Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken made the list as Big Gigantic. It’s been two years since the massive success of their last album Nocturnal, which at its peak reached #2 on iTunes Electronic charts. Now finally after all the waiting and suspense The Night is Young is finally upon us.

First up on the album is the track Clvdbvrst. Coming in at the start with melodic Saxophone provided by Dom matched with the drumming of Jeremy, it puts the album of to an incredible start. Then the altered vocals build up into and bass infused transition that has you vibing all the way through.

Next up on the album is Blue Dream. When I first heard the song I said to my self “This intro sound exactly the same as Rise and Shine” which is a track of off past mentioned album Nocturnal. Upon continuing to listen, the rest of the track was incredibly different. This song just shows the absolute talent the two bring to the table, by taking their own base melody and turning it into a completely different work of art. Is Blue Dream a rework of Rise and Shine? My answer would be, possibly but that doesn’t take away from the art.

Coming in next is the title track, The Night is Yours. Dom and Jeremy come in with their absolutely beautiful melody and wait, a collaboration with Cherub. This track brings an incredible amount of funk that just makes you want to jam out in your car, house, or where ever you are.

The rest of the album is absolutely incredible and would HIGHLY recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of funky music infused with bass. As always the album is available for free HERE, but I would strongly recommend purchasing the album to support such amazing artists. You can purchase the album HERE. If you have a chance to see them while they are on tour, I would definitely do so! Tickets are selling out quick, so purchase your tickets HERE.

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