The 2014 Olymipcs at Sochi is hosting a crazy talented human being in Artur Was. Some may know him as Voima, the Polish drum & bass producer behind tracks like “Infinite Dream” and “Formula.” When he’s not competing for gold in speed skating, he quite possibly could be busting out music at the Olympic village. And I’d imagine he’s the only one to do so.

What’s even better, is that Voima has some super dank productions. He has landed deals with multiple labels like Voltage, Histeria and Deep Field Audio, with his first EP dropping last week and more music to come in March. It’s great to see someone from dance music having success in an entirely different scene, especially if it has him competing at the biggest athletic event in the world. All of us have one question to ask, what are we doing with our lives?



Source: Do Androids Dance