GT Spirit

Are you wealthy, dangerous and feel a compulsive need to lick windows? Do you perhaps, hold an obsession for Afrojack? Then have we found the car for you!

The Dutch superstar DJ is parting with his matte black Lamborghini Aventador. Afrojack has only owned the car for a year and it was a replacement for his wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia. Even though he’s owned it for a year he’s already racked up 13,050 on the mileage but it appears to be in good condition. The matte black paint job and yellow brake calipers are matched with a sweet yellow and black interior.

The current asking price is 385,000 euros.

A bargain? Well, if you have money to burn and a heavy right foot, this is perfect! Hell, you can even play your favourite Afrojack tunes as you soar to 217+ mph.

Just don’t expect you’ll be wanting to hear them over the screaming v12 engine.

[GT Spirit]