Still riding the title wave of success for his latest single “Save My Night“, Armin van Burren is a leading head of House music and an icon to EDM in itself. Armin is a trend setter within Electronic music, and as times change, so does he. While House music has evolved ever so much from its old pickup in warehouse parties back in the 90’s as well as its every so rapid change to this day, Armin van Burren has always had the ability to flow with the changing aspects of EDM while maintaining that signature sound that has pushed him into the forefront battlefield for best hit within the top 10 DJ/ producers of the 21st century.

Now with every release from producers within that top 10 comes many great remixes from upcoming acts all hustling for a similar goal in the electronic community; the push for their chance, their chance in the limelight. Soloing out one name in particular, Blasterjaxx has made quite an impression on EDM this past year or so with many great releases and remixes. Pushing genres while keeping the original song in tact, this duo from the Netherlands has honestly killed it with an awesome remix of “Save My Night”!

Keeping the vocal sample that ties the name and vibe of the song together as one while adding a little pitch modulation before arpeggiating up into an awesome Electro House break, Blasterjaxx kills it with an all original remix of Armin van Burren’s latest single! Stay tuned here for the official release coming soon and give it a listen below!

-Chris Wood-