Today Revealed Recordings has dropped a fresh two-piece EP from one of their least-known artists, Julian Calor, in an attempt to rival Spinnin’ Records newest release. The first track of his debut solo EP is one of the hit ID’s from Hardwell‘s well-loved TomorrowWorld set and its release has been long awaited. This banger features a fire cello lead and sets the bar for ‘huge’ in the progressive house scene. With ascending synths, descending stabs and an intricate breakdown, the Revealed Recordings dutch house standard is upheld by the young phenom.

The second track in this two-song EP is entitled Storm and deservedly so. With a darker vibe created by a heavy pluck lead and a colorful drop, all the facets of a beautifully dangerous storm are represented in this anthem. In a perfect accompaniment to Typhoon, Revealed continues to impress with well constructed EP’s and an ever-growing and ever-impressing roster. Though we’re only left wanting more from Julian, he is hard at work to continue churning out monster tracks and Revealed artists will surely be spinning more ID’s of his this coming festival season. Be sure to follow his growing Facebook page here in order to stay tuned for future releases, and pick up the EP on Beatport!