A few weeks ago, Yanntek uploaded a promo mix to his Soundcloud page featuring his “Moving OnEP. It included remixes by the likes of Au5, Fractal, Evil Ape, and Emperor. Today, the EP has finally been released and it’s amazing! The EP is as filthy and diverse as can be, featuring some melodic dubstep, glitch hop, and “trap and bass.”

The original by Yanntek is a glitch hop tune featuring everything from grimy, crunchy drums and bass, to a crisp melody and timed vocal shots giving the track a nice groovy feel. Au5‘s remix is an all out glitchy banger featuring everything we’ve come to love and expect from him; it’s melodic, heavy, and filthy in all the right ways. The person that decided to stray away from glitch hop path a little bit, however, was Fractal, hitting us with a euphoric dubstep reinterpretation, which gives the EP a nice range of styles. One of the more pleasantly unique remixes in the EP is that of Evil Ape’s, with a more unusual style. He automates the vocals’ pitch and plays around with it a bit, giving the vocals a stronger role in the tune. Last but certainly not least, is Emperor. He brings a classic glitch hop style to the tune, with the “Moving On” vocal shots utilized throughout the track, giving the remix a steady pace — awesome remix.

Check out the EP, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section down below.