I really hate to be that guy, but I liked Tut Tut Child before you. And so I feel lucky to be the one introducing him to you (if you don’t know of him already). One of his first tracks, Broadside Bordello, showcased his potential so completely that I have been a sucker for every single release of his since. It’s an absolutely mental mix of heavy metal guitar synths, carnival sounds and swing beat. The break down at the end is still one of my favorites of all time – after the huge rush of the track, it winds it down and pumps you up simultaneously.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Oh no. My man Tut Tut Child just reached 50,000 fans on Facebook and decided to release a FREE tune, Iron Fist. To be quite honest, I was worried that the drop was going to be big room. By the beard of Zeus, how glad I was to be wrong. Tut Tut Child quickly goes into his signature melodic manipulation and while the track definitely has that 4×4 beat, it’s got less of a house feel than it should. It’s more anthemic than that. The track is a wild ride and you’re gonna love every second of it while you’re wondering why you haven’t been listening to him for the past two years, like someone I know (cough).

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