A lot of mystery has surrounded this logo lately. The rumor going around that the recent “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” cover was supposedly Disclosure has been officially debunked. A producer by the name of ZHU has been credited with the piece, as well as the new track “Superfriends” which hit Soundcloud two days ago.

This article by Sound Is Style has got all the information you need on the mystery producer, but the gist of it is that a little while before the Outkast cover was put out, ZHU wiped his social media. All of his tweets on @ZHUmuzik are gone, and his Facebook was wiped as well.

If his goal was to cause a buzz around his name, then it has worked out gloriously. There are still more unanswered questions than answered ones, but we’re hoping for a little more to come out very soon. ZHU‘s website is now up, and while there isn’t much to go on, it’s something. Go to http://zhumusic.com/ to check it out. You can apparently sign up for a mailing list, though it’s not explicitly said what your email is used for. Along with the launch of the site, we have a 33-second teaser of an up-coming single, apparently titled “Faded.”

More on this when information comes available.



Source: Sound Is Style