Steve Aoki is hard at work on his upcoming album Neon Future, out on Ultra Music this summer. The album includes the likes of, Snoop Dogg, and Mac Miller.

He explained this diverse roster by saying, “Whenever I work with different artists I expand as a song writer, as a producer, and I always want to try and find the bridge between my world and their world.”

He’s known for his unruly performances with cake throwing, sprayed champagne bottles, and for riding rafts on the dance floor.

Aoki spoke further about his live performances, “At my shows I want to be totally sharp, and focused on every single song, on every single thing that I do, and plus I have to, because I’m like caking someone, and have to run back and mix the next song…and I have so much fast quick reflex timing.”

For fans that want their Aoki fix before the release of Neon Future, check out the new track, Feedback, featuring Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Autoerotique.