Colorado’s own Filthy Disco is one of those artists that are about to blow up; Connor segued into the year with his remix of The Partysquad‘s “Oh My” and 2014 has a lot more to offer. One thing you can expect from the producer for sure is his Turn Up EP which is set for release on February 24th through Your EDM Records. He also recently released an absurdly dank half hour mix that you can find HERE.

We recently chatted with Filthy Disco for an interview that will give you some insight on this promising producer. From his first rave until now, it has been quite the journey that has resulted in over forty streamable tracks on Soundcloud. Topics of the interview cover those early days as well as what the producer’s goals are for the future. After you catch the interview, you can catch Filthy performing out in the Denver/Boulder area. Check out the previously mentioned single as well as the interview below. Enjoy.

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Your EDM Interview:

1. How did you start producing and get introduced to EDM? Who are your biggest influences?

FD: I originally was introduced to electronic music in the early 2000’s when I first heard Daft Punk. I remember at such a young age I was blown away by the weirdness and all around creativity that they had pulled off. I went to my first rave in 2007 (Global Dance Festival @ Red Rocks) and the rest is history. Picked up ableton a year later and now I’m here.

2. Where do you see yourself by the end of 2014?

FD: I really just hope to get a release on one of my favorite labels. If I could get a release on Mad Decent I would mark 2014 as a great year.

3. Who would you collab with if given the chance?

FD: Diplo/Major Lazer. Without question. The dude is a genius in the studio, always pushing boundaries no one wants to push. I respect weird.

4. Tell us about Turn Up EP. What did you like about producing it? Any difficulties?

FD: I spent over 8 months on the Turn Up EP. It was the most time I’ve ever spent on an EP, and it felt so amazing to finally finish it and find a home for it. The original concepts came within a day or two. The major work was tweaking & perfecting every little detail.

5. What would you be doing if you weren’t producing and Djing?

FD: Cooking. Few things are better than a really good meal.

6. Where do you see the dance music scene going in the next 5 years?

FD: Hard to say. I believe there will be the further commercialization of “EDM”, though I don’t believe that the underground will die. I think as long as music exists in any form, there will be people doing new and exciting things, and I want to be part of the movement.

Weather you hate or love the popularization of EDM, I just want everyone to enjoy electronic music as much as I have in my life. I want them to feel what I felt when I first got into it. It’s truly a feeling you can’t recreate, and that’s why I love this industry.