I have always admired Drumsound & Bassline Smith for their ability to make forward-thinking D&B. Their Essential Mix from last September is still one of my favorites and I play it often. This new set of tracks further solidify their standing at the forefront of D&B these days. “Phantasm” is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch – and one of the best D&B tracks we’re gonna hear this year.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what it is about it that sounds so different, but you know it does; it might be harder kicks, or the improved sound design, or perhaps the shrill saw-synths. Whatever the reason is, the end result remains the same. An experience that is wholly carnal and hits you at the very core. You feel like a champion just listening to it and getting up and out and feeling that bass hit you as hard as it can is one of the finer things in life.

The whole 4-track EP is available on Beatport, iTunes and Drum & Bass Arena.

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