REVOKE has graced us today with a free download in excitement for his new EP soon to be released on Sweet Shop Records, Candyland‘s newly formed label. Gravehound is an absolute genre buster, with the best description of this particular track being “liquid trap-step.” The dark melodies and grimy synths meld with clock-tower strikes to create a particularly spooky vibe. As the introduction builds there is no doubt that this is going to be a heavy track. Simply, however delightfully, repetitive melodies are broken down into a trap drop that just has that pantie-dropping feel. Cut up synths and overlaid melodies bring this track to a resolving finish that strikes home and completes the journey that was this fourish-minute delve into darkness. An enchantingly beautiful tale, this free track from REVOKE has the mood, vibe, and production to go with it.

A perfect introduction to his EP release coming out on Candyland‘s Sweet Shop Records this March 3rd, Gravehound is a production masterpiece and a “genre-buster” enthusiasts’ wet dream. Our excitement can hardly be contained for this EP release, so be sure to stay tuned to REVOKE‘s Facebook and Soundcloud as well as Sweet Shop RecordsFacebook, and pick up the free DL of this track too!