Their music has earned the respect of “house music royalty” as the two talented Canadian producers Zach & Max, better know as Prince Club, have graced the dance scene with some of the finest tunes yet. You may have heard their smash “The Way I Feel” that rocked Beatport charts at the end of 2013 or even learned their name from the praises of house heavyweights Mark Knight, Claude Von Stroke, Brodinski, and many more. One listen to a track of theirs will have you hooked and their latest single “This Kinda Love“, due March 3rd, is no exception.

Once again using a great, house friendly vocal, Prince Club work in tasty melodies and refined sounds to capture your attention right away. They immerse you with a deep, warbling bass that compliments the grooving beat perfectly. “This Kinda Love” is going to be a track you will be hearing lots of, especially with Ultra right around the corner, so be sure to check our exclusive preview below and grab the copy on March 3rd!

Prince Club – This Kinda Love (Preview)