If you don’t know who AirBattle is yet, then prepare to be impressed. The California youngsters have a new EP out entitled “Origins” with five tracks that will surely be landing themselves on your iPod/computer very soon. Their ability to produce a wide variety of genres and styles quickly put them on the map for me and this EP continues with that diversity.

First we have “Tribal Calls” which takes trap to a whole new level but you won’t even comprehend it because of the spell it puts you under. You just lose yourself in it. “Desolate” comes next, however it’s surprisingly upbeat despite the name it was given. The dreamy qualities make this one an introspective classic that I certainly will come back to time after time. For my drum & bass heads out there we have “Death Valley” which is the duo’s first public go at the genre. Quite a nice tune if I say so myself. Fourth in line is “The Beat” which is some moombahcore goodness. The production shows off the duo’s superb sound design. Lastly we have the outro track “Reality” which paints a painstakingly real image of existence. It’s sullen, yet beautiful and inspiring.