If you like filthy robotic bass music, chances are, some of your favorite artists of today were influenced by Vaski. An apprentice of the legendary Excision, his oldest tunes, Release Me & Resonate (2009) can easily hold a candle to some of the heaviest Dubstep on the scene today. Vaski’s been responsible for some seriously heavy, speaker scathing Dubstep anthems these past few years including Gameface, Hydra, Spaceman, & Hurricane. Even his Dubstep remix of Deadmau5‘s All You Ever Want very well received, even by the highly critical Mau5kateer himself.  With hit releases out on Rottun, Play Me, & Dubline Records, as well as an impressive reputation on stage, it’s no surprise that most Dubstep fans have at least heard about Vaski if they don’t already know some of his music by heart.However recently, his new sounds have started to draw fans from all over the EDM spectrum as he pushes the boundaries of his skill into different genres we don’t even have names for yet. In the past year or so we have seen some phenomenally different music from Vaski. His most recent free single, Ready to Bounce, as well as is remixes of the Neighbourhood’s Sweater Weather & Alice Deejays Better Off Alone, gave us a bit of a glimpse into what Vaski had been experimenting with in the studio. Although it wasn’t Dubstep, it was still Vaski, and we loved that. It’s impressive when artists evolve their sound instead of starting fresh when they enter a new genre. Vaski’s music is still Vaski no matter how outside the box it is, and that’s not something you hear every day. His new EP, out yesterday on SMOG Records titled, The Explorer, is the first Ep to hit stores since Vaski began his genre bending adventures in bass music almost a year ago. Needless to say it is absolutely packed with all kinds of fresh, brilliantly crafted sounds fans old and new will enjoy immensely. True to the title this Ep does a great deal of exploring, and leaves the listening wanting much more from this genre defiant master of bass. Pick it up Here, and don’t forget to follow Vaski on Soundcloud. Make sure you also subscribe to his Podcast to hear all new and exclusive music before it hits stores. This is one artist you definitely want to keep your eyes on. We had a chance to sit down with Vaski for an interview after his show in San Francisco on Friday, check it out below.

Tell us about your evolution as an artist over the past few months. What made you want to expand outside of Dubstep?


Well, I first got into Dubstep because it sounded a certain way and I really liked that specific style, but over the last year and a half it’s changed a lot. I made some songs that followed the trend but I wasn’t too happy with them. I want to find the next new genre, there’s so much diverse new music out there nowadays it inspires me to expand my own boundaries as an artist.

How did you get started making music? How did growing up in Minneapolis influence/impede your sound?


I grew up listening to House music a lot. My Dad really liked it so I got into electronic music at a very early age. I love the bass scene out in Minneapolis, it’s a great, tight knit, supportive community. We throw 100-4000 person shows that are always a blast, it’s definitely a hidden gem.


Who are some of your favorite artists right now?


Flume is definitely my favorite right now. Also Waveracer is really good, I’m really digging his style.


What’s your favorite program to make music in?


I use Logic 9 & 10 right now. One of my favorite plug-ins Sylenth, doesn’t work with 10 just yet because it’s only 32 bit so I still use 9 a lot. (Heads up producers)

What’s your favorite place to play outside the States, & where do you want to play that you haven’t played yet?


I love playing in New Zealand when I can, it’s so beautiful there and the people are great. I really want to go play in India soon I think that would be really fun, I’d love to share my music with them.


Do you have a dream collaboration?


I absolutely do, the singer from this band called Mr Little Jeans is amazing. She’s got an incredible voice I’d really like to work with her.


What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio?


I just relax and chill with my friends really. I have a motorcycle, I like to ride that, I longboard, chill on the beach, etc.

Do you have a favorite song right now?


Artic Monkeys – Are You Mine. It’s not really EDM, but it’s my favorite at the moment.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on tour?


Oh wow, there are so many moments I’ll just pick one. This one night after a show the lighting crew for a certain artist I’m not going to mention got so drunk they had a bottle fight in the greenroom. Seriously, they were throwing full bottles of beer at each other from behind overturned couches and tables… it was f***ing crazy, there was broken glass & foam everywhere.

Make sure to check out Vaski’s Facebook and give him a like if you dig the tunes. Also, stop by his Soundcloud for some free downloads! Interview by Theo Newhall