We have a few special things for you today from the guys over at Kannibalen Records. For one, we sat down with the UK producer Feint who will be featured on Dabin‘s upcoming EP called Ghost Hack, for an interview. You can expect the EP with the collaboration “When You Return,” on Tuesday, March 4th.

Luckily we have been graced with a preview of the collaboration, which also features vocalist Daniela Andrade. Even for people who don’t listen to much drum & bass this one is such a great tune that it breaks down any barriers that may be in place. Feint talks a little about the collaboration, as well as about his humble origins and the scene’s future that he will surely contribute to progressing. Be there on the fourth for when this and the other half of Dabin’s Ghost Hack EP becomes available. I have heard the EP, but all I am going to say is you will not be disappointed.

Your EDM Interview:

1. How did you get into music originally?

F:Listening to music on Youtube! Was a huge fan of the Liquicity channel, and moved on from there.

2. What is it about drum & bass that is so appealing to you?

F:The high tempo, incredible energy and real variety in the genre! From neuro to liquid and everything in between, I really think there’s something for everyone in there.

3. Who are some of your influences?

F: Huge influences inside EDM include people like Fred V & Grafix, Calyx & Teebee, Netsky, as well as neuro producers like receptor. Outside of EDM, people like Olafur Arnalds and recently groups like the 1975, the naked and famous and M83.

4. What software do you use to produce? Favorite plug-in?

F: Formerly Fl studio (though I still love it!) I now use Logic Pro X. Favourite plugins actually include some of the stock logic plugins (the redesigned EQ is sick, as is the space designer). Also fab filter Pro Q and Pro C are amazing. As for synths, native instruments massive and image line Harmor and Sytrus are incredible!

5. You’ve had releases on multiple labels, like Monstercat & Liquicity. Being as young as you are, what’s been the biggest factor(s) in getting yourself to this point?

F: I still think I have a really long way to go! I think the key factors have just been drive and wanting to create new stuff.

6. How did you get connected to Kannibalen for the collaboration with Dabin?

F: I think Dabin first messaged me about playing out my tune snake eyes and headbanging so hard he nearly knocked himself out on the decks haha. We get along really well and I had a really good time contributing to his EP!

7. Is there a particular genre (non-DnB) that you have been listening to lately?

F:I actually listen to relatively little DnB, nowadays I find myself listening to a lot of Bon Iver and Ben Howard. Inside of EDM, I listen to a to basically a bit of everything, I think there is something in every genre for everybody!

8. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

F: Would love to collaborate with Sub Focus! Also, Rob Swire haha.

9. Is there somewhere you think dance music is headed to?

F:I think (and hope) we can get rid of the negative people in the scene. Too many ignorant people going out of their way to hate on artists (especially established ones) instead of keeping their heads down and focusing on their own work. Would love to think dance music will eventually be rid of these people soon

10. What’s in the near future for Feint?

F:Lots of things! 2 new EPs are in the works with sounds and styles that I haven’t experimented with before. A lot dancefloor oriented material!