Today Kaskade took to his Facebook to promote the first episode of his new Youtube series “The Vault“. The series is set to go back in time to depict past candid footage of Kaskade behind the scenes at festivals, in the studio, behind the decks, as well as other random places such as in the car and at a restaurant.

The debut episode exhibited behind the scenes clips of Kaskade from his 2011 trip to Australia and includes random snippets of everything from an interview to him chilling on his couch. “The Vault” provides an inside glimpse into the life and personality of Ryan Raddon as he continues to evolve as the artist Kaskade.

Created with footage from the Kaskade archives, “The Vault” is set to broadcast every Wednesday at 10 am PST/1 pm EST. You can watch the debut episode below and be sure to subscribe to The Vault here.