UPDATE: ICM Partners have been confirmed to NOT be affiliated with Daft Punk, despite previous speculation that DP was behind their denied request to hold a 50,000 person concert near Devils Tower National Monument.

January 31st: ICM Partners, an agency representing Daft Punk, is denied their request to stage a 50,000 person concert half a mile from the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. This monument was heavily featured in Close Encounters Of A Third Kind, a 1977 film that the duo mentioned at the beginning of their “Alive” tour from 2006-07. Reed Robinson, steward and superintendent of Devils Tower, told the Journal that they had planned to make use of an elaborate system of concert lighting and lasers at the base of the tower, which stood against the Park Service management’s approach and was thus denied.

With a recent history of choosing exotic and strange locations for their events, this request does not come as a surprise. Recall the 2013 Random Access Memories release party, held in Wee Waa, Austrailia, population 2000. Robinson mentioned further that he believed ICM Partners to be scouting several world-wide locations in search of venues for concerts this summer. With this in mind, one can only begin to wonder what other locations they are looking at to stage their long awaited Random Access Memories Tour.