Most of us are pretty familiar with the PG-rated tale of Little Red Riding Hood: a girl goes to give her grandma a basket of food (cookies, fruit, meats) and is confronted in the end by a wolf who has eaten (or hidden away) her grandmother. The little girl is saved before she is eaten by a lumberjack or a hunter. The more gruesome tale ends a little worse for the wolf: after the girl and grandmother are eaten whole, the wolf falls asleep only to be sliced open by a lumberjack coming to save the day. They proceed to fill the wolf with stones and sew him back up; as he awakens, he finds that he cannot move as he is so weighed down, and dies.

You’re probably wondering at this point, “Why the hell are we getting a lesson in fairy tales on an EDM news site?” Good question. Texan and 24-year-old producer Teknique seems to prefer the darker version, as evidenced by his dark and gritty interpretation of it.

The track is unique in that it doesn’t have a traditional drop, but is more similar to story-telling. There is a clear progression within the track that speaks to something occurring. I spoke with Teknique about his motivation behind the track and it all stems from his his interest in fairy tales and the stories behind the tale –

I have an interest in fairy tales because when you analyze these stories they’re actually really dark which fits the mood of my music better than the common theme of happiness and love in EDM (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Indeed, producers like Nerd Rage (whom Teknique admires) have taken the more carnal approach to typical EDM sound, and this is just the next step. The plans behind this track are to create a series of tunes and a short animation to go along with them, with the help of his girlfriend and her brother. It’s always good to have producers pushing the boundaries, or even just coming up with more inventive ways to use music for an end goal. Goldfish makes their music almost in parody of the stereotyped “button-pressing” generation and Varien has an interest in scoring film, television and video games.

Music is a gateway to other senses and in that sense (no pun intended), Teknique is finding his own place in the world of EDM, which is so quickly becoming saturated with cookie-cutter producers. Hopefully the next couple of parts will come out soon, and we’ll be sure to have another update once the full animation is out.

In the meantime, visit Teknique’s Soundcloud, Facebook, and Youtube channels.

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