Last night, in front of a sold out crowd in Milwaukee, Krewella stepped away from their mixers and laptops in the middle of their set to perform an acoustic version of their melodic dubstep ballad ‘Human.’ This marked the first time that Krewella has ever performed this track live, acoustic or not. A few months ago when I interviewed the Krew on the Get Wet Tour (read the full interview HERE), I asked them if there were certain tracks that they never planned to drop live and Jahan responded:

There are some songs that we intentionally leave out in the set because our whole motto and mantra is getting wet, the show is high energy and ‘Human’ is more of a chill-step ballad and we have songs like ‘Pass The Love Around’ too, which doesn’t technically have a bass drop in it, but we’re kind of waiting to see if those songs would catch on with our fanbase and if they blew up in this smaller community then we’d start playing them out.

Well Krewella clearly realized that ‘Human,’ which was easily my favorite track off of Get Wet, has gained enough traction among their fans (especially after the release of the incredibly powerful music video for the track) that they can get away with dropping the energy in the the middle of their set in order to sing a mellower, more emotional song. Also, the fact that the Krew is able perform acoustic version of their songs live in the first place says a lot about how much their songwriting skills have developed over the years: “we’re not writing just to a beat, we’re writing over stripped down chords, piano chords, or guitar chords and that allows us to focus more on our song writing in that way,” said Jahan. Who knows, maybe Krewella will play an acoustic version of ‘Human’ or ‘Alive’ at Ultra this year and it will be live streamed on YouTube for all the world to see. I know it’s a long shot but I can dream, can’t I?

Check out the video of the performance below, featuring Jahan and Yasmine on vocals, and their tour manager David Carlson and Rain Man on guitar.