We got a chance to talk with TOER and learn more about him, his music, and where he sees the EDM scene going. Since becoming the Grand Prize Winner for EDC Vegas 2013, he has been working on his newest EP, Toernado, which is coming out March 10th on Your EDM Records. He was nice enough to give out one of the tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD from the EP, “The Vizier” out for free as well. See the Soundcloud link at the bottom of the interview for the free DL!

1.) What is it like to be noticed as a massive upcoming artist when your music is countering the up and coming progressive sound?

Haha… I wouldn’t consider myself a massive upcoming artist quite yet, but I am definitely getting better each song I put out.  I never really knew I had a unique sound until my friends starting pointing out the unique characteristics of my music.

2.) What drove you to pursue the heavy sound that’s heard in your music?

The heavy sound can be attributed firstly to Skrillex, since he is the one that made me want to make hard hitting music instead of the pop that I began with.  Secondly, I was heavily (and still am) influenced by Popeska’s older bass music.  And thirdly, Die Antwoord is my favorite artist/group of all time and they always bring the heat.  The combination of those three gives me a pretty good base for inspiration.

3.) In what direction do you think EDM is heading in terms of sound and style, or do you feel it’s going to remain the same as it is currently?

I think people are starting to get tired of the big room stuff, but house will always be around and popular just because it is so easy to dance to.  I think the next music to become the fad is going to be hardstyle, but the Australian sound is also on the come-up and is getting more popular each day.

4.) Aside from dubstep, hip hop seems to be a major influence on your music. That said, do you hope to collab with any hip hop producers or rappers in the future?

I like to rap on all my own tracks that need rapping, but I would always be open to working with other rappers.  Ideally I would get Tupac on a track of mine, but Die Antwoord would be a dope collab.  I also want to work with Spark Master Tape, who is my favorite artist at the moment.  They are raw as hell.

5.) You seem to like experimenting with different styles of EDM. Which sub genre do you like working with best and why?

I don’t really have a favorite genre but if I had to say it’s probably glitch hop followed by drum and bass.  I love west coast drum patterns and basslines and you can hear that in a lot of my stuff.

6.) With such an intense sound like yours, have you ever thought about toying around with trap?

I have been using 808s more now actually.  After hearing what they sound like on nice sound systems I have been trying to fit them into my work.  Don’t be surprised if you hear some TOER-infused trap soon. 😉