I have a great idea that will make things easier for both you and all the non-EDM-enthusiasts in your life.

Next time your friend asks you, “What’s trap music?” instead of looking at them weird and wondering what the heck they’ve been listening to the past year, just play them this song. For the first 54 seconds, they’ll be like, “Hmmm, this is strange, just sounds like any old classical piano rendition.”

And then the drop will hit. And then they’ll know exactly what trap music is. Simple as that.

Aero Chord hasn’t even been on the scene for a year, but he’s quickly cementing himself as a name to be reckoned with when it comes to head-banging trap anthems. Just a week back, YourEDM featured his New Breed EP Part 1, and apparently he’s an impatient person, because he’s already back with new material, this time teaming up with fellow trap phenom GAWTBASS on “Secret”. Enjoy the free download, and remember – next time someone asks you about trap music, just remember this post, play them this song, and get ready to dance!