There is no denying that EDM has mutated from a style of music into an entire culture that influences apparel, dialect, disposition and how we perceive our fellow and future dancing partners. The fine folks over at Tomorrowland would like to share the cordiality of our culture with the world by calling on you, the fans, to upload videos of yourselves displaying random acts of kindness.

The rules are simple: keep the video under two minutes and no copy written material may be used. Other than that, “Make a video introduction of yourself, your family and your environment. Show us how you’ll make this world a happier, bouncier and more peace-loving place. It’s your call.”

The chosen applicants will be given the opportunity to participate in a documentary entitled the “200 People of Tomorrow.” They will also be given the ability to purchase tickets to the highly sought after Tomorrowland festival, which sold out in under and hour.

You can get started by checking out some of the current submissions on the documentary’s site (link); you will also find instructions on how to participate.