A few months ago I made my way to Concord Music Hall in Chicago for an interview with Leighton James and Christian Srigley of Adventure Club. When I walked into the green room it just so happened that my interview with Adventure Club had turned into an interview with Leighton and Christian featuring guest commentary from Alex of DVBBS and Hunter Siegel. Usually it doesn’t take me that long to get an interview transcribed and posted, but this was a different story. Every few words someone interjected something, immediately causing everyone to breakout in laughter. Check out the entertaining interview below:

Your EDM: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, what can we expect from tonight’s show?

Christian: Well Chicago’s always been an amazing market, so we’re expecting the energy to be all the way up there.

Your EDM: Your Calling All Super Heroes pt. 1 EP recently came out, what can we expect from part 2?

Christian: We broke some barriers went places we weren’t expected.


Leighton: Are you transcribing this?

Your EDM: Yeah we are.

Leighton: So that’ll just read dick motion, Alex DVBBS makes dick motion, Christian laughs, random shaggy guy in the back laughs.

*Everyone laughs*

Your EDM: So part two of the EP?

Christian: So part two of the EP we’re trying to push ourselves musically and experiment a little bit.

Hunter Siegel: They’re doing A LOT of experimenting together.


Your EDM: With the song Thunderclap, there was mixed feedback with it, how did you guys take that?

Christian:  We definitely took it in stride.

*Interrupting laughter from Alex DVBBS*

Christian: Are you just lipping me?

Leighton: I think he’s just fucked up.

Christian: With thunderclap, we tried not to take it personally and just think of the negative feedback towards the genre itself. So we didn’t take it overly personally but the point we’re trying to get across is that we’re not a strictly 140 dubstep female vocal remix act.

Alex DVBBS: If you haven’t been thuderclapped you’re a bitch.

Your EDM: So do you see yourself going into more of that area of EDM?

Christian: Probably not that extreme.

Leighton: We play a lot of different styles live, we like mixing a whole lot of different elements and we like having our own music when we do that.

Your EDM: 2013 was a huge year for dance music who were some artists that broke through?

Chrisitian: one of them would definitely be DVBBS who we’re on tour with.

Hunter Siegel: *in a squeky voice* Hunter Siegel.

*everyone laughs*

Hunter Siegel: I broke on through that bottom tier, I just broke through it so hard, harder than anyone has. No one has hit the bottom tier as hard as I have.

Christian: we’ve got DVBBS on the road with us and they’re big up and comers.

Leighton: Gesaffelstein definitely. He really solidified himself this year.

Christian: *points at Hunter* how bout you?

Hunter: Me? I don’t like anything.

Your EDM: Outside of dance music what genres do you guys like?

Leighton: We like that slow indie shit, we’re just warped tour kids.

Your EDM: Where do you see dance music in the next 5 years?

Christian: I think dance music is going to keep sucking people in, with whatever genres pop up. Dubstep is a perfect example, it brought people in.

Your EDM: where do you see yourself going in 2014?

Christian: We wanna put out a full length album in 2014, we plan on getting it out before the end of the year.

Your EDM: Has that project been started yet?

Leighton: Yeah there’s a lot of work to put into it though, we plan on taking 3-4 months off the roads to just work on music.

Your EDM: What were your 3 favorite festivals of 2013?

Leighton: I’d have to give you 4, What The Festival, Holy Ship, Ultra and EDC LV.

Your EDM: Your fan base is pretty different than others, very interactive. How does that feel to have fans that just absolutely love you?

Hunter siegel: It’s called youth-foxes (adventure club remix).

Christian: Another cynical look at life from Hunter Siegel.

Hunter: Sad winky face…

Christian: I think every aspect is amazing except for one.. Half the time we try and crowd surf, we’ve got young not very strong girls up front who don’t have the strength to catch us. So it’s a positive and a negative. The negative being you’re getting dropped half the time and the positive being that you’re lying on a pile of youthful young girls.

*Everyone laughs*

Leighton: Way to be super creepy about it.

Your EDM: So seeing that DVBBS is with us right now do you see a collab in the future with them?

Christian: No they fucking suck.

It just so happens that earlier today, Adventure Club released their music video for their hit Gold. Which took place at this very same show. From about :40-:53 you can actually see part of the interview being done in the music video. Check it out below!

*BONUS* In case you missed it, here is our little wrap up video with the gang after our interview.