Remember that song Armin van Buuren teased everybody with in his sets called “Ping Pong”? Hardwell remembers and decided to remix it. He also decided to recently tease his remix of Armin’s newest in his own sets meeting favorable reviews from massive crowds.

Where the original uses the “ping” and “pong” sounds to set the build and make way for the drop, Hardwell’s remix sets itself apart by revamping the the playful sounds before unleashing it as part of a nice melody through a waves of boom after boom after boom. Although it subtracts the trance roots it was born on, it takes a big room turn with explosive results.

Although no current news on whether either the original or the remix are to get a release, for now this helpful Youtube video will have to suffice as a preview. Once you have given it a listen, share your thoughts of it in the comment or at Twitter @YourEDM.

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