MineSweepa is Firepower Records next weapon in an arsenal of heavy hitters like Datsik and Protohype, who are currently reinventing the hardcore sound. His label debut “Epidemic” EP is a blistering and relentless reenforcement of everything that’s great about brutal dubstep. Strap in for another installment of monstrous sound transformed into lush melody, as we’ve come to expect from the standard-setting consistency of Firepower.

The title anthem “Epidemic,” which the Oregon native claims to have worked on for over a year, showcases his style best with high-impact bass beats synergized by haunting keyboard melodies. Drumstep tends to suffer from a lack of variety at times, but this EP demonstrates an impressive attention to detail. And though slightly less visceral, tracks with good segment variety resonate with the listener much longer. “Destroy” is another great example of the formula Minesweepa has dialed into so well; skull-crushing drops with eerie fills. Run DMT‘s classic “Curse of the Mummy” instantly comes to mind!

Epidemic won’t be ready for release until April 15, but you can listen to the stream now on Soundcloud! Minesweepa has found the perfect nest for developing brutal beats – keep an ear open and brace for impact.