I’m sorry, I really could not resist with this one, especially with such huge names in addition to Far East Movement’s and Riff Raff’s. A bit more hip hop than your usual trap, but if you love trap as much as I do, you sure as hell will want to give this a listen. Basically, you’ve got this absolutely dirty beat with an addicting melody and catchy chorus thrown in, then add a couple more huge rappers like Schoolboy Q and B.o.B into the mix, and viola. To put it in the simplest of terms, this is a ridiculous remix that really lives up to its title, “The Illest.” I’m crossing my fingers that this gets dropped in sets; I can only imagine how crazy a crowd would go considering I can’t stop moving whenever I listen to this track. Though unfortunately this remix isn’t available for purchase or download, you can buy the original on iTunes HERE!