There isn’t anything better than a family together; so is the case for Two Can., a brotherly duo hailing from Australia, whose phenomenal music is stuck on repeat in my headphones. Being naive Americans we may assume that these Melbourne producers create the genre with the same name, however trap is what you will find in their five singles currently on Soundcloud. In reality, Australia’s trap scene is thriving and these guys are venturing to be very much a part of that.

With only the three originals and two remixes they have uploaded, although I’m satisfied, of course I want more! The skills these producers possess are illustrated by wicked records like “Fire” and their remix of Flume‘s “Sleepless.” Two Can.’s chill-wave vibe is one of the reasons their music is so pleasurable, but check out the treasury of tracks below and let us know what you think! All of the songs are free downloads; the one’s with the carts are “like to download” and the others a straight! Enjoy the fresh beats.