Firepower Records is very hit-and-miss for me in terms of their roster, but Bear Grillz definitely scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. He just yesterday released a remix of The Chainsmokers’ track “Selfie,” after it had taken the social media world by storm.

Now, Zomboy recently took to Facebook to defend a track by Alex Sin which people were saying sounded especially Zomboyish. And certainly, the style that Zomboy has is distinct, and it has kind of pigeon-holed a lot of producers from staying away from that sound; but this remix does sound an awful lot like Zombs, not that BG cares. Hell, there’s even a “Zomboy” tag on SoundCloud (and this epic single dealing with the subject matter). All that aside, it’s still a fresh banging re-work of an already fantastic electrohouse track. Bear Grillz has graciously released this track for free, just head to his Facebook page and like it for the download.