Twine‘s latest banger, “Count To Ten” is a violent ruckus of bass fury that loudly demonstrates the young producer’s improved skill since joining the Firepower team. It’s brutal, heavy, and controlled – the last being one of the more difficult descriptors to keep in mind while crafting heart-stopping bass! The result is one of 2014’s biggest and most memorable beats thus far, with a strange, downtuned rant on radio-oriented ‘happy’ music connecting each segment.

“They don’t play them angry tracks on the radio, you know!”

Twine (real name Clark) is gearing up for the forthcoming release of his debut “The Absolute EP” on electronic music’s heaviest label, and he couldn’t be a better fit to the team. Never before has the abrasive chaos conjured up by himself and labelmates like Datsik, Getter and Protohype had such an impact on the genre overall. ‘Wobbles’ and ‘wubs’ are falling out of style, and Firepower’s collective assault of bass (bassault? Eh.) is laying waste to any remaining notion that dubstep is a fad.

Hold onto your skull, folks – there’s much more heavy bass glory on the way! Check out Twine’s soundcloud and listen to Count To Ten below!