The Dimond Saints have done it again. I don’t know what sort of crunk juice these two are sipping on, but their inspiration seems perpetual and their productions just keep getting better and better. Their latest offering is a dark, soulful remix of Broods‘ single ‘Never Gonna Change’.

Unlike their last remix of Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’, the Dimond Saints leave some semblance to the original track. Georgia Nott’s haunting vocals float over the duo’s deep, resonant basslines and the original track’s melody flits in and out of the wobbly synths to create a feeling as eerie as it is beautiful. This is the music of dreamscapes, sure to pull your heartstrings just as it moves your feet.

Dimond Saints (comprised of An-ten-nae and Re|eece) are giving this tune away as a free download, so make sure to listen below and grab a copy via their Facebook page.


Dimond Saints

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