I love me some Kid Cudi. I’d say it’s a safe bet that many of you do too.

To start off your Monday, we have a Your EDM premiere of a remix from New York’s Infuze, who’s had releases with Flinch, as well as publications on Mad Decent, SMOG and Ultra. The established up and coming producer took his iconic future sound and compounded it into a hyphy twerk jam. It’s one of those ones that you hear at a show and vigorously search for on the internet, but, at least for this one, your search would be in vain until now.

After the anticipation is built in the upbeat, yet dreamy introduction, you’re met with some skittering synths that are just too damn ill; they make you just want to lose your $#!+. The pad offers quick relief, but right back into the organized frenzy you go with the percussive soiree leading the bounce. Infuze took a step away from the styles he has done before and he succeeded without a doubt in trying something different. This free download is foreshadowing the magnificent things that are on the horizon for this inspiring musical talent.

Free Download

For those of you in Austin, Infuze can be found at SXSW’s Do Androids Dance/Peligrosa party on Thursday the 13th, and at SMOG vs. Firepower on Saturday the 15th.