ill.Gates a.k.a The Phat Conductor is giving the U.S. a real treat as he travels the country alongside bass producer extraordinaire Excision. Live production has always been a staple in every ill.Gates show, but this tour he’s devoting a large part of his set to showing off his live finger drumming skills. Creating beats before your eyes isn’t the only thing Illiam B. Gates is proficient at, with his art and design background his live visuals are all of his creation too. When you go to an ill.Gates show, you are actually witnessing a live production, not a pre-planned, he-just-press-play-and-that’s-it showing.

This is just one of the many reasons I respect ill.Gates as one of the best producers and production geniuses out there. Check out his brand new website,, for production templates, sound packs and informative courses. The same production templates used by Bassnectar, Pretty Lights and many more huge names in the game. He also has an interesting and funny blog that is worth following. He dedicates a lot of his Facebook to interacting with his community and posting awesome tips for both DJs and producers. Be sure to give him a like.

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