Remember when a young Dutch man during his Ultra main stage set announced to the world that Dyro would be the biggest new artist to surface in 2013? Not to say I doubted the guy with the microphone, but I did think that those are pretty big words coming from someone who at the time had just exploded onto the scene from the year before. However, seeing as he became the world’s number one DJ for DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s 2013 List and Dyro entered at number 30 (the highest new entry that year), we can say without a doubt that Hardwell called it.

Fast forward to now and that young artist is now riding a wave of success with releases like “Go Down”, “Leprechauns And Unicorns”, “You Gotta Know”, and most recently “Black Smoke”. Now he presents fan with a new tune that brings the same energy fans come to expect from a Dyro original. The new tune “Calling Out” is fueled by the vocals of Ryder, delivering a fierce stance on an electro power track. The drop is also reminiscent of the classic deadmau5 tune “Ghosts N’ Stuff” making use of violins as the synths take a new lead. It is spontaneous and should be expected for a March 17th release on Revealed Recordings. Check the preview and leave a comment on what you think of this epic Dyro track.